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Samaritan Future Happenings…

Samaritan is kicking off a Flocking Fundraiser, so if you would like to have someone flocked, just give us a call and we will take care of that for you.

   $20.00  Get address of your choice

   $20.00  Get flock removed from your address

   $25.00  Removal/relocation of flock to a friend’s house

   $30.00  Don’t want to be flocked, Insurance to prevent                   your house from being flocked

   $5.00    Find out who flocked you

To arrange a flocking or for a free removal, call 806-363-6085

October:  Homemade King Ranch and Enchilada Casseroles for sale

November:  Smoked Turkeys for sale

Funds to benefit Samaritan Hospice and patients