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Samaritan Hospice Volunteer Information

Volunteers are the heart of Samaritan Hospice, providing a special kind of caring and compassion for our patients and their families.  Our volunteers make a difference in the lives of so many by:

  • offering a listening ear
  • assisting with daily household activities
  • providing grief support
  • shopping or running errands
  • yard work/handy man
  • clerical and other office duties in the office
  • tuck-in volunteer- to make phone calls to our home patients to insure they have all they need for the night or weekend




What does it take to be a Hospice volunteer?

Give us a call or come in and let’s visit.  I know we can find the perfect fit for you.  We always want our volunteers to be very comfortable and well educated in whatever area you decide to volunteer in.  We will do everything necessary to help you fit in and be part of our team.  We look forward to meeting with you and getting to know you better.

For more information:

Elizabeth Curtis

Volunteer Coordinator



How to find words to tell of 40+ years of volunteerism that took me into the lives of precious people in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice units, and private homes.  There to share their suffering, fears, memories, joys, and struggles.  To be a friend to them as they and their families live life while facing death.  I am privileged to be in this holy space alongside these persons.  I try to keep the time brief, non-imposing, prayerful, to bring God’s love into the room where they prepare to say “I love you”, “I’m ready”, “Goodbye”, or just to leave in silence – and grace.  Often have I been present when (by my belief) Angels have entered to gather and take the person ‘home,’ one man passing from my arms as I held him and dried his back after a bath.  This experience of ‘presence’ with hundreds of family and friends over the years, has blessed my own soul, kept my own mind sane, caused my heart to ache and grow, tears to fall, but also causes inner peace & joy to leap up to Praise God, Who has for each of us much Divine Surprise and Promise!  Thank you Lord Jesus, for Who You Are and what you have called me and others to be, and to do.  May many more ‘bringers of compassion’ enter this field of service, as Your Hands, Your Face, Your Feet, Your Heart…for those in need.  Amen.

-Janie Banner (grateful Samaritan Hospice Volunteer)