Our Employees


Samaritan's employees hail from Hereford, Friona, Vega, Umbarger and Canyon; small town folks who understand the special issues involved in rural health care. We look forward to bringing you the care you need, when and where you need it.

Shelly Moss

Shelly has been a resident of Hereford since 1986 and has experienced firsthand the love and compassion of this community. She took a job as the Social Services Director of King's Manor Methodist Retirement System in 1994 and soon fell in love with the organization and its mission. Her responsibilities grew and changed until she became the CEO in 2007. Shelly says that Samaritan Hospice and King's Manor Home Health are such an important extension of the mission to extend the healing hands of Christ to our seniors.

George Buchenau, RN, MBA
Executive Director

George was born in Olton and raised in Plainview. He is a graduate from West Texas A&M University in the first Bachelor of Science & Nursing Class of 1975, and went on to become a registered nurse that same year. He then finished his MBA in 1994 from Wayland Baptist University. He has enjoyed working in hospice and home health care for the past twenty-five years. George says that it has been a blessing to work in post-acute care and with clients and their families in their home setting.

Pam Ruckman, RN

Pam is second generation was born and raised in Hereford, where she has raised her own three children. She has worked in acute care and obstetrics before finding her home in Hospice.

Robin Mickler, LVN

Robin has lived in Hereford since 1968. She has completed the LVN program through Amarillo College in the fall of 1983. She has also worked for hospice for seven years.

Diana Campos, CNA

Diana was born and raised in Hereford. She loves her community and enjoys the work she does. Diana says that she also loves meeting, assisting, and providing care for others.

Monica Scroggins, CNA

Monica was born and raised in Hereford. She has been with King's Manor for thirteen years. Monica says she absolutely enjoys helping others in their time of need.

Bea Galvan
Admin. Asst./Billing Clerk

Bea was raised in Hereford and has been here since 1960. She has been with King's Manor since 2006. Bea says she enjoys working with nurses and enjoys greeting people on the phone.

Cynthia Martinez
Case Manager

Cynthia was born and raised in Hereford, and has deep roots. She worked as an L.V.N. in a nursing home setting, where she was in charge of Quality Assurance for several years before completing her R.N and coming to hospice.

Paul Garcia

Paul has been a Baptist Minister for fifty-four years and has been with King's Manor for eleven years. On his off time he pastors a church as well as raising twin granddaughters. He says he loves his work and that his co-workers are wonderful people to work with.

Ariana Garcia, CNA

Ariana was raised in Hereford. She has been with King's Manor and Samaritan Hospice for the last seven and a half years. Ariana says she enjoys helping people and seeing to their needs.

Linda Brito
Volunteer Coordinator

Linda was born in Hereford and has lived here all but four years of her life. She loves her community and the people that make it such an amazing place. She contributes her relationship with Jesus for her ability to love with his love; her passion is to bless others. Linda has been with Samaritan Hospice for six years.

Kristi Batenhorst
Social Worker

Kristi was born in Vega and has lived in Umbarger for over thirty years with her husband, Roger. They have four daughters and five grandchildren. Kristi graduated with a BSSW in 1996 and has worked for Samaritan Hospice since its inception in 2004. Kristi enjoys meeting new people and helping the patients and families as they begin another journey of life through hospice care.

Becky Williams
Social Worker/Admin. Coord.

Becky grew up in Hereford, but left after graduating HHS. She is a graduate of WTA&M with a Bachelor of Science degree in social work. She returned to Hereford to take the position of Director of social service and admissions at King's Manor. Becky has been with King's Manor eleven and a half years now. She also works with Samaritan Hospice an extension of King's Manor as a licensed social worker. She says that God definitely had his hand in leading her back to Hereford and the mission that both King's Manor and Samaritan Hospice strive to do in caring for those in need and she can't imagine being anywhere else.